The first graduating class at VICTORY attended Washington-Irving High School in their Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years. After completing their Junior year and a vacation of three months, they entered their new school building which was named VICTORY. This name was chosen as it was built during World War I and completed after the war was over.

    When the first senior class entered VICTORY in the fall of 1919 they were greeted by an unfinished building. In some places they had to walk on construction planks to reach their classrooms. The gymnasium was not completed until early January, 1920. The manual training class, known as shop class today, didn't have any tools for the students to use for approximately six weeks into their school term.

    Also, due to the incompleteness of the building, the school was only able to have a small band consisting of a director and six members.  There was a glee club organized but only a few songs were sung because being the first year music had not had a proper chance.

    Two years of sewing was offered in the new school which at that time was known as domestic art. The domestic science class was considered the most useful subject taught at VICTORY. Years later the title was changed to home economics. VICTORY also had a cafeteria and the lunches were made by the girls in the domestic science class.

    When Victory High School opened it's doors for the first time it was a four year high school. As the years went by the Freshman Class was discontinued because of the ever increasing number of upper classman.

    Over 7,400 students graduated from VICTORY during it's survival.  Roughly 230 teachers served on the faculty along with seven permanent principals. There were two state basketball championships won. The first was the 1933 team coached by Farley Bell and the second team coached by Howard "Doc" Hutson won in 1941. Seventeen students lost their lives in the armed services during World War II.

    At the time VICTORY was closed as a high school, students were attending from the following communities: Ziesing, Erie, McIntyre, Hepzibah, Farnum Road, Reynolds Siding, Dawson Mine, Gore, Crooked Rum, Edgewood, Perry Mine, Glenwood Hill, Perry Hollow, Adamston, North View, Arlington, Glen Falls, Summit Park, Liberty Addition, Whiteman Addition, Wilsonburg, Chiefton, Reynoldsville, Katy Lick, Sardis, Catfish, Flag Run, Big Rock Camp, Little Rock Camp and Olive.