Remember the fun of being part of the CHEERING SECTION…..    

      Decorating the halls before the game, making signs, the bon fire rallies, the pom-poms,  the bus rides to the games, the excitement at the “THUSE” on the day of the big game as we rooted our team on to Victory!   


CHANTS – 1950s – 1960s

  1. STEP on ‘em Eagles!  (“Step” is done with a simultaneous stomp)
  2. Push’em back, push’em back.  .. waaaaay back!
  3. Hit’em hard.. make ‘em fumble!
  4. Go-go-go-go-go GO GO GO GO (etc.)     (Becomes louder and faster)
  5. Hey-hey-ho-ho-team-team-go-go
  6. Hey-hey (clap-clap)  Ho-Ho (clap-clap) Hey team (clap-clap) Let’s go
  7. First in ten – do it again    (Variation:  CL says 1st line; crowd responds “Do it again!)
  8. We want a touchdown, Hiiiiii- ho!
  9. Go, Victory, go. / Go, Victory, go. /Go Victory, Go Victory, GO-GO-GO

      Fight,Victory, Fight/ Fight, Victory, Fight./ Fight, Victory, Fight Victory. Fight-fight-      fight;  Win, Victory, Win/ Win, Victory, Win/ Win, Victory, Win, Victory, Win-win-win

  1. Get dat, get dat, get dat ball, HEY
  2. (Cheerleaders): What do you say?  (Crowd responds):  “All the way”
  3. Block that kick  (slowly)
  4. Fight play – all the way
  5. Go, go, GO for a touchdown
  6. Go * Go * Go, Mighty Eagles
  7. Lean to the left – Lean to the right – Stand up, sit down, fight, fight fight  (clap with “Fight”)
  8. Go, go – we want a touchdown
  9. Hold that line, line, line
  10. Hey-hey, ho-ho, get that ball and Go-GO
  11. Action-Action, we want some action   A-C-T (clap-clap-clap)  I-O-N (clap-clap-clap)
  12. Come on Eagles, we want some action
  13. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s (clap) really go; 
  14. Hold-em, Hold-em, Victory Eagles, Hold-em  (this is sung)
  15. Hey-hey, Ho-Ho, come on Eagles ** let’s go
  16. Come on boys (clap-clap-clap) Do your best (clap-clap-clap) Win this game (clap-clap-clap)– for VHS
  17. Hit ‘em again – Hit-em again, Harder-harder
  18. Go Victory GO / Go Victory Go / Go Victory, Go Victory, Go-go-go
  19. Yay Orange (clap-clap) Yay Black (clap-clap) Yay Team (clap-clap) Fight’em back

       Yay Orange Yay Black Yay Team Fight’em Back

29.  We want a touchdown/basket – Hiiii-ho.     (Hand go up & wiggle on Hi-ho)

30.  Let’s go, big team, let’s GO!  (clap-clap)

31.  Rah-rah, get that ball

32.  Let’s go, let’s go, let’s * really go  

       Let’s fight, let’s fight, let’s * realllly fight;   Let’s win, let’s win, let’s * reallllly win

       Let’s go, let’s fight, let’s win TONIGHT!

33.   Basket, basket, we want a basket   B-A-S (clap-clap-clap)  K-E-T (clap-clap-clap)

34.  We want TWO!  (hold up 2 fingers)

35.   We want two  da-da-da

36.   Go-go, we can beat Parkersburg

37.   Ya gotta S-C-O-R-E

38.   (Sung): HeeeEY HooooO - (Yelled): Come one Victory, get that ball!


CHANTS, 1950s-60s – cont’d.

39.   Get that ball and go-go; Get that ball and fight (HEY!)

40.   (Cheerleaders):  What’d you say?   (Crowd):  Take it away/ All the way

41.  Hey, take, take, take it away

42.   Hey-hey, Take it away

43.  Hey-hey, what’d you say – get that ball, go the other way

44.  Let’s go (clap-clap) Let’s fight (clap-clap) Let’s win (clap-clap) Tonight (clap-clap)

       Let’s go, let’s fight, let’s win TONIGHT (clap-clap)

45.    Get th’ball y’all, get the ball (clap-clap)

46.    Hey-hey, take it away

      47.   KICK-OFF  (Stomping feet to create a loud rumble, then yell) - GO!!  

     48.  Get the ball y’all, get the ball!  (clap,clap) –

49.  (This was done at Canfield Cheerleading Clinic for fun):  “Hit ‘em in the funny bone, hit’em in the knee, send ‘em to the cemetery C.O.D.”

50.  (Naming each team member):  “Gary, Gary, he’s our man, if he can’t do it, then “Kenny” can.  “Kenny, Kenny” he’s our man, if he’s can’t do it ….  (At the end of the list): …”If he can’t do it, then NOBODY can!!”      


SONGS, 1950s-60s:   Warm up Songs

            1. Smile  (It isn’t any trouble just to s-m-i-l-e)   (G-R-I-N, grin)

            2. Mr. Moon  (Oh Mr. Moon, Moon, bright and shiny moon)

            3. Lindy Lou (When it’s dark and everything is still and the moon comes creeping o’er…)

            4. My Evaline

            5. Alphabet  (“A”- You’re adorable…”)

            6. Grand Ole Duke of York  (The Grand Old Duke of York.  He had 10,000 men, he          marched them up a hill and marched them down again. When you’re up you’re up;  when         you’re down, you’re down, but if you’re only half-way up, you’re neither up or down!" )         Crowd stands up, sits down, sits half-way -  faster & faster.

            7. We Are the Eagles Almighty

8.: Hi *Ho* Anybody Home*? (Meat nor drink nor money have I, none.. still I will be happy)   (Sung as a round)

            9. Over My Head (echo: over my head) – There’s music in the air (echo: there’s music in   the air.. )

10. Happy All the Time  Crowd does motions:  (I’m in – I’m out – I’m up – I’m down, I’m happy all the time.   So  happy to be here – with Victory friends so dear  (everyone holds hands, raising them up)-   I’m in – I’m out – I’m up – I’m down – I’m happy all the time.)

            11. Victory, Victory Eagles, in the spirit of orange and black

            12.  Ho Victory

            13.  Victory Bunny Hop ("Duh… duh-duh, duh-duh ") 

            14.  Tell Me Why  (crowd in harmony)

15.  We are the Eagles, mighty, mighty Eagles, everywhere we go, people want to know       who we are – so we tell’em  (repeats)

      16.  Ants Go Marching one by one, hurray, hurrah..


CHEERS, 1950s-60s:

  1. TWO BITs, four bits, six bits, a dollar.  All out for Victory, stand up and holler!

2.   (Whistle – low note to high)  BOOM!   Ahhhhh!  Fight’em Eagles!

3.  “THE STORM”:  (Crowd stomps feet, then hands hit legs, then clap hands)  BOOM!       AHHH! - EAGLES!

4.  WE’RE WITH YOU TEAM SO FIGHT, we’re with you team so fight!  We’re with you team, we’re with you team, so fight, fight fight!   Orange team, fight, black team fight!  Orange and Black Team, fight, fight fight!

5.  “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y – That’s the Victory battle cry.  Victory – Victory – VICTORY!

(In 1959-60, to raise level of participation and enthusiasm in a THUSE meeting, we did Class Vs. Class/ Boys vs. Girls, changing the words to “That’s the Senior/Junior/Sophomore) battle cry, then all join in for a rousing finale “Victory” battle cry.)

6.  FIGHT SONG:  When a field goal was made at a football game, our marching band would play our Fight Song “ON TO VICTORY”:    “On to Victory, on to Victory, we want you to see that we are supporting you, a touchdown it will be, Rah-Rah-Rah!  On to Victory, on to Victory, fight you Eagles true, Fight Victory, fight-fight-fight, we’re all for you!”

7.  HELLO CHEER:  (Cheerleaders sing): Hi-dee-hi  (Crowd repeats)  (CL): Ho-dee-ho  (Crowd repeats)  (CL):  Victory High School (Crowd repeats)  (CL): Says hello (Crowd repeats)  (Everyone):  Hi-dee-hi, ho-dee-ho, Victory High School says hello  - (CLs turn to opposing team and salute):  “HI!

8.  T-E-A-M  yay Team!  T-E-A-M  yay team! T-E-A-M  yay team! Team, Team, Team!


But THIS was the cheer everybody yelled the loudest……  










By Raymond Sehon and Wanda Martin



Hail Alma Mate- Hail, hail to thee

Dear in our memories you’ll always be

Within Victory’s portals,  friendships so loyal, so true

Hail dear old Victory, hail, hail to you!


All through the years, your name will be

Symbol of honor and loyalty

Deep our devotion to friends so faithful, so true

Dear Victory High School – hail, hail to you!



Above: Submitted by Sharon Sprouse Bramhall, Co-head cheerleader, Class of 1960



Faxsimile of a pass-out sheet used at a Thuse in the school auditorium, 1938. - Fred G Layman VHS Collection







Let each and every boy and girl in Victory do his or her part in supporting the team.  Boost them!  Let’s make this year the tops in cheering.  A lot is expected of the boys.  We may be a small school but we’re mighty.  Come on gang let’s show the team how we are going to make this year the biggest and best.  It’s up to you!



On to Victory – Song


On to Victory,

On to Victory,

We want you to see,

That we are supporting you a touchdown it must be - Rah! Rah! Rah!

On to Victory, On to Victory, fight you Eagles true,

Fight, Victory, fight, fight, fight, we’re all for you.


Yea, Victory, Say Victory, we’re betting on you.


Vic, Vic, Victory High

Vic, Vic, Victory High

Victory High, men of might

Fight! Fight! Fight!


Orange team, Black team

Orange and Black team

Victory High Team

Fight! Fight! Fight!


Fight, Victory, Fight!

Fight, Victory, Fight!

Fight, Victory, Fight, Fight, Fight!

Fight, Victory, Fight!

Fight! Fight!





Victory! Victory! Victory!


Loud Noise – Boom!  Ahhhhh!

Atta boy Victory!


Yea Coach! Yea Bell!

Yea, Yea, Coach Bell


V with a V with a VIC

T with a T with an ORY


(Yell drawn out) VICTORY!






Welcome West Union


(Long and drawn out)

Beat West Union High School

Beat West Union High School

Beat West Union High School


Beat West Union High School

Beat West Union High School

Beat West Union High School

Team! Team! Team!






Victory! Victory! Victory!


Pass ‘em high

Pass ‘em low

Yea Victory, Let’s go!


Fight team fight

Fight team fight

Fight team fight team

Fight, fight, fight


Let our motto be: “Always the best”  whether it’s sports, cheering, or work.  Come on students, let’s go!



Cheer, Cheer, for old Victory High

Then to the winds her banners will fly:

Send the volley from the sky

Shake down the thunder from on high,

What tho’ the odds be great or small,

Old Victory High will win over all

While her loyal sons are marching onward to victory.



(Please return these sheets at the door as you leave the auditorium)