Victory High School Music Directors






1924                    E. Clyde Beckett


1935                     Leland C. Westfall


1939                     William S. Tole


1940                     Charles L. Taylor


1941                     Orin Ford


1943                     Winifred "Fritzi" White Bell (vocal)[1]


1946                     A. W. Shaw

                             Robert Nutter

                             Rosemary Shingleton (vocal)


1950s-60s            Helen Davisson Holden (vocal)


1957-1959            Henry Mayer (band)


1959-60                Otis Boyles (band)


1965                     Sam DeMaria





[1] Winifred "Fritzi" Bell was listed as a music teacher in the FACULTY  file, but inadvertently omitted from this list.  Many thanks to Barbara Hamilton, one of Fritzi's vocal students in 1947, for bringing this to our attention, and to Ruby Mathews Casto ('47) for passing on the word. -ssb