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Addition - Sharon Sprouse Bramhall, 2008



1919 - 1926

G. A.  Wallace, Coach 1919-1922

V. O. Bascastow, Assistant Coach, 1919-1922

Eugene Yager, Assistant Coach 1921

James H. Heavner, Coach 1922


Glenn “Red” Snodgrass, Coach 1923-1927

Eugene Yager, Coach Girls Basketball Team; Assistant Coach 1923-1927


Arthur V. Upton, Athletic Director 1924

Forest Poling, Assistant Coach 1924-1926


1927 - 1939

Clyde Hutson, Coach 1927-1931

Laurence Pratt, Assistant Coach 1927-1931


Farley Bell, Coach 1931-1936

Charles Brummage, Assistant Coach 1931-1936

Roy Straight, 1935

Stanley Jeranko, Assistant Coach 1934-35


Charles Brummage, Coach 1936-1939

A. Lane Daugherty, Assistant Coach 1935-1939


1939 - 1950

Howard “Doc” Hutson, Coach 1939-1950 – Athletic Hall of Fame

Charles Brummage, Assistant Coach 1939-1941


Thorold S. Funk, Athletic Director 1942-1946

Paul Hess, Assistant Coach 1942-1946

Neil Sappington, Assistant Coach (football) 1946-1947


T. Cross, Assistant Coach, 1947

Charles Brummage, Assistant Coach 1947-1950


1950 - 1957

Charles Brummage, Coach 1950-1952

Richard Young, Assistant Coach 1950-1952


Jack Moore, Coach 1952-1955

Neil Sappington, Assistant Coach 1952-1955


Charles Straight, Coach 1955-1957

Neil Sappington, Assistant Coach 1955-1957


1957 - 1973

John Mazzei, Coach 1957-1973 (longest serving coach)[1]

Kenneth Alessi, Assistant Coach 1957-1960

Don Vincent, Assistant Coach 1960-1967

George Rice, Assistant Coach 1967-1973

Robert Secret, Assistant Coach, Golf Coach 1968-1971[2]

Tom Hilton, Assistant Coach 1972



Victory high school golf team


Most Assistant Coaches served as Head Junior Varsity Coaches in addition to their duties as Assistant Football Coach; some served as Head Coach for Varsity Basketball as well.   But Robert "Bob" Secret may have the distinction of being the first (and perhaps, only) Golf Coach that Victory had.  Under Coach Secret's leadership the Victory High School Golf Team competed in the Big Ten Conference in the Spring season of 1969, held at Lakeview Country Club (Cheat Lake/Morgantown). 

" I remember well the Big Team's final tournament at Lakeview Country Club. We were late arriving, and,  as the other teams were gathered at the first tee for introductions ... there came the VICTORY EAGLES coming up the driveway in Coach Secret's red and white convertible Ford, and,  yes, the top was down!  I cannot recall our record - perhaps it is best forgotten anyway (!) - but the Eagles did, in fact, officially tee it up and compete." - T. Drummond

Matches were played at the Hide-a-way (near West Milford), Bel Meadow Golf Club, Apple Valley (Fairmont), Morgantown Country Club.  Members of the VHS Golf Team were Jimmy Barberio ('69), Tom Drummond ('71), Dave Gooden ('70),  Paul Sirianni ('70), Randy Swiger ('69), "and perhaps one other faded by memory. Apologies".  Courtesy, Tom Drummond, Class of 1971.




[1] Additional assistant football coaches to head coach, John Mazzei, were:  Coach Perri (1958) & Coach Casalinova, (1959), pictured with the football teams in the 1959 & 1960 yearbooks, respectively.  Gary Reeves, Class of 1960, a co-captain during that time period, thought perhaps Perri & Casalinova were scouts, remarking that Coach Mazzei was always very well informed about the opposition. 

[2] Courtesy, Thomas Drummond, Class of 1971